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Quotes from Another Way


Dobie: "Money is the root of all evil."
Kaylie: "I must be extra good, then, because I ain't got none!"

Dobie: "I should've known you were too good to be true!"

Dobie: "Screw 'economies of scale!' It's better economics for all businesses to be small businesses, limited to just a couple hundred employees each. But I don't have a degree in economics or business ... or put a gun to anyone's head, so nobody in a position of power listens to me."

Dobie: "People have said I have authority issues, and I'm okay with that, though I'd argue it's more of a short-sighted-idiots-in-power issue. We should all have such issues!"

Charonne: "You're that Commie bastard, Pokorny! I should shoot you where you stand!"
Dobie: "At your service,but not Communist. The word you're looking for is Sortitionist."
Charonne: "Huh?"

Dobie: "Any society with sayings like 'Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing' and 'Nice guys finish last' is one screwed-up culture."

Dobie: "Jokes are easy. This book is important. Who knows? It might even save the world."
Bucky: "Now that's funny! But, seriously, you need to get over yourself."

Dobie: "I laugh when employment ads say they require a college degree for jobs that I know from experience do not require a degree. Half a brain, sure. College degree? No. And half of them don't even say exactly which degree is required. They just want proof you were gullible enough to invest four years of your life in The System and accumulate enough student debt to make yourself a virtual indentured servant!"

Dobie: "If you're not a conspiracy theorist these days, you're just not paying attention."

Dobie: "You're like a flower surrounded by... fertilizer."
Kaylie: "Um... no one's ever said that before. I'm not sure how to take it."

Dobie: "Being a leader is not my thing. Other than by example, I'm against leadership. It requires followers, and I despise followers."

Dobie: "I don't mean to be rude. I just... can't take my eyes off her. She's so familiar, but I don't know from where..."
Audrey: "Your dreams?"
Dobie: "Yes... actually."

Dobie: "I'm jinxed when it comes to anything electronic. I couldn't watch TV or use a 'smartphone' if my life depended on it. My body emits electromagnetic pulses — EMPs — or something."

Dobie: "Either way, watch out for those that flatter and convince you you're better than everyone else. You're not. Don't get me wrong, we're all wonderful, but as the old saying goes, 'you are better than no one, and no one is better than you.' And, 'You are special... just like everyone else!"

Dobie: "Think about it, almost every one of society's ills goes back to money at its core. That, and people trying to get ahead. Healthy people don't need to feel like they're ahead of anyone."

Dobie: "Funny how the threat of lost love puts politics into proper perspective."

Dobie: "My system, for most of us, would mean less work. A lot less because, when it comes right down to it, all we really need is food, shelter and something to do."
Kaylie: "I thought all we need is love."
Dobie: "I was referring to physical needs."
Kaylie: "So was I."

Dobie: "I'd forgotten all about them. What are they doing up this way? Think they figured out where...?"
Kaylie: "Who knows? Just keep driving!"

Bucky: "What the hell is this?"
Dobie: "My manifesto."
Bucky: "Well, it sucks. Put in some jokes!"

Dobie: "How is it even possible for two people to have the same dream at the same time... unless it wasn't a dream?"

Dobie: "Not to brag, but my 144 IQ is well above average, not that I put much stock in IQ tests. Still, like any man with anything larger than average, I'm quite proud of that! High enough to feel good about myself. Low enough to keep me humble. Okay, maybe not so humble."

Dobie: "I'm not pretending to be anyone's guru or savior. I want people to be their own savior, and I'm not here to be idolized. It's not like I'm a rapper, actor, athlete, or any one of those so clearly worthy of your worship."

Charonne: "What's to stop me from shooting you and dumping your body in the lake?"
Dobie: "Oh, I don't know. Common decency?"

Dobie: "There's no greed or corruption with my proposed system because there's no profit motive. It's the profit motive that ruins everything!"

Dobie: "Most of us only listen to know-it-alls like me for confirmation of what we already know. It's the mystery of life, the lack of answers that keeps us going!"

Dobie: "In her case, squirrel might be what's for dinner any given night."

Dobie: "So, where were we?"
Audrey: "Nowhere."

Charonne: "If power is given to a bunch of goody-two-shoes idiots, we're all in trouble."
Dobie: "Idiots, sure, but what's wrong with being a goody-two-shoes? Shouldn't everyone want to do the right thing? Shouldn't everyone at least try to be a decent human being?"

Dobie: "If she had any consideration for those around her, she would close her door so we don't have to hear her and her suck-ups cackling from half way across the office while we're stuck in our 'open office' cubicles with no walls, no privacy, and no noise abatement! And don't tell me to wear headphones! If I wanted a job requiring headphones, I'd be one of those guys out on the tarmac with the batons guiding jets into the gate!"

Dobie: "Somebody has to at least try to make the world a better place, Reggie. That's all I'm doing."
Charonne: "Is that all? But seriously, don't call me Reggie."

"May I suggest cliff diving?"
Dobie: "There aren't any diving cliffs around here, are there?"
"People dive off cliffs all the time!"
Dobie: "But do they survive?"

Dobie: "Are you behind on your quota, ma'am?"
Bladgett: "Step out of the vehicle, sir!"

Dobie: "The Bible, on the other hand... creates more questions than answers. I recommend everyone become familiar with it but also recommend reading software license agreements, and no one ever does. At least those can be used in a court of law. The Bible cannot. But don't tell that to settlers using it to justify the theft of other people's land!"

Dobie: "That's right, I'm a conspiracy theorist. Sure, some scoff at the mere thought of conspiracy, but ask any detective, lawyer or judge — if you can find an honest one — and they'll tell you conspiracies happen all the time. From petty theft all the way up to rigging elections and global conquest. Pinky and the Brain are not the only ones trying to take over the world!"

Dobie: "So, I dreamt about an alien the other night. Probably no big surprise in these parts, eh? Anyway, his name was Semmy. Actually, he said his full name was — let me see if I can say it — Sematalanthoyop."


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