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Quotes from Last Train Out


Pamela: "What are you doing?!"
Jenna: "Mom, just let me finish the job! Those are the rules!"
Pamela: "Those are not the rules!"

Jenna: "Do they give you flashbacks to the war, or something?"
Clay: "What war?"
Jenna: "I don't know, the war. There's always a war."

Jenna: "You know she's just playing you, right?"
Clay: "What does she have to gain by 'playing' me?"
Jenna: "Money, favors, your wallet; whatever."

Jenna: "Sorry, but we have to keep you here for a while. There should be water and beer in the fridge. Help yourself."
Clay: "Where are you going? Who are these people? What the hell is going on?!"

Jenna: "We're still going to Russia, right?"
Clay: "Let us recover from this latest drama before we have to think about that?"
Pamela: "I'm with your father on this."
Jenna: "You see there?! I've already got you two agreeing on something! I should be a marriage counselor!"

Jenna: "I told you she was playing you!"
Pamela: "Oh, honey, women have been 'playing' your father his entire life."


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