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Quotes from My Novels

Jenna -- Last Train Out

"We're still going to Russia, right?"
"Let us recover from this latest drama before we have to think about that?"
"I'm with your father on this."
"You see there?! I've already got you two agreeing on something! I should be a marriage counselor!"

"You know she's just playing you, right?"
"What does she have to gain by 'playing' me?"
"Money, favors, your wallet; whatever."

"Do they give you flashbacks to the war, or something?"
"What war?"
"I don't know, the war. There's always a war."

"Sorry, but we have to keep you here for a while. There should be water and beer in the fridge. Help yourself."
"Where are you going? Who are these people? What the hell is going on?!"

"I told you she was playing you!"
"Oh, honey, women have been 'playing' your father his entire life."


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