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Quotes from Last Train Out


Vika: "Who is this?"
Pamela: "Call girl, by the look of her."

Pamela: "What are you doing?!"
Jenna: "Mom, just let me finish the job! Those are the rules!"
Pamela: "Those are not the rules!"

Pamela: "This is my daughter we're talking about, gone missing in Russia! I'd say that's just a little more important than a prospective client with a possible contract!"

Pamela: "Have you seen Jenna?!"
Clay: "She's probably just out with friends."
Pamela: "I haven't seen or heard from her... since yesterday."
Clay: "Yesterday?! She could be..."

Pamela: "I told you your sense of humor would get you killed!"
Clay: "You should see the other guy."

Boss: "Your husband can go to the authorities and have them find your daughter just as easily as you can."
Pamela: "There are no proper authorities! It's Russia! Everyone is corrupt!"


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