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Quotes from Another Way


Semmy: "Don't be scared when you feel you are about to die. You're not frightened when you wake up in the morning, are you? Pretty much the same thing. 'Life is but a dream!'"

Semmy: "This dark force has manifested... countless times; given names like Necuratu, Beelzebub, Satan, The Dark Prince, The Adversary and, last but not least, the High Priest of Gray Areas, the scariest of them all to anyone insisting that everything is strictly black or white!"

Semmy: "Rumor has it a team of scientists was responsible for your solar system's accidental relocation. Arrogant, overpaid eggheads on a government contract lacking even the foresight to give themselves the excuse of being drunk. They were completely sober and playing with matches — and by matches we mean subatomic particles — energy fields, actually, but we won't get into the physics — when there was a BIG BANG and the bulk of your solar system ended up over here near the galactic edge."

Semmy: "What passes for intelligence, like with these scientists, often turns out to be arrogance and delusion masquerading as higher IQ. The little mishap with the solar system can stand as Exhibit A."

Semmy: "As to these Ceytons, they are idiots. But, remember what they say about arguing with an idiot: They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience! So, don't do it. You just step around them like dog crap on the sidewalk. You know they're there, but you avoid them."

Semmy: "This section of the Milky Way was originally designed as a negative counterbalance to the galaxy's otherwise positive nature. A cosmic septic tank, if you will. That's why it's so hard to get anything done around here. It's like slogging through knee-deep sewer mud! Only those with the best hip-waders make any real progress."

Semmy: "We are from beyond the Pleiades, in the eighth dimension...when we're not slumming it down here in the third and fourth dimensions."


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