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Quotes from Operation Detour


Serge: "I will put you and your boyfriend on The List if need be. Either you kill him or lock him up forever, or I send in someone else who can. Is that clear?"

Serge: "Tell me again what your assignment is."
Riva: "I must find someone and... make him my b*tch!"
Serge: "Not your 'b*tch.' Your asset. Your pawn."

Serge: "He is going to want to have sex with you."
Riva: "Who doesn't?"

Riva: "He's happy to see me."
Serge: "Of course he is happy to see you. He would be happy to see the devil himself at this point. You ever spent a night in a Malaysian jail?"

Serge: "Revenge, as they say... Oh, who cares what they say."

Serge: "Cruel? So what?"

Serge: "To keep it interesting, I have procured someone clean and prepared him specially for you, my dear."
Riva: "Why him?"
Serge: "He insulted me."
Riva: "That's it? He insulted you, so now we ruin his life?" Serge: "Sure, why not?"

Riva: "F*** you."
Serge: "Later. You are quite pretty."
Riva: "I know."

Serge: "It's a very mild psychotropic."
Riva: "Not when he's taking them by the handful!"


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