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Quotes from My Novels

Serge -- Operation Detour

"Tell me again what your assignment is."
"I must find someone and... make him my b*tch!"
"Not your 'b*tch.' Your asset. Your pawn."

"To keep it interesting, I have procured someone clean and prepared him specially for you, my dear."
"Why him?"
"He insulted me."
"That's it? He insulted you, so now we ruin his life?"

"He is going to want to have sex with you."
"Who doesn't?"

"I will put you and your boyfriend on The List if need be. Either you kill him or lock him up forever, or I send in someone else who can. Is that clear?"

"It's a very mild psychotropic."
"Not when he's taking them by the handful!"

"Cruel? So what?"

"Revenge, as they say... Oh, who cares what they say."


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