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Anti-corp­orate crusader Dobie Pokorny wants to save the world from oligarchs like Colonel Charon­ne.  On his speaking-truth-to-power tour, he meets and falls in love with Kaylie while enduring attacks at every turn.  They each think the other is out of their league, but there's a con­nection. Can they outrun Charon­ne and his minions?  And, what's up with Semmy, the little blue alien?
First few paragraphs...

Dobie Pokorny was on tour in support of his manifesto, Another Way: Beyond the Status Quo. Driving north from Tennessee, after an angry mob in Indianapolis, he veered southwest. With stops in Illinois and Missouri – things got interesting in Missouri – followed by Oklahoma and Texas, it got downright weird in New Mexico.

His latest book was an anti-corporate diatribe born of a lifetime of people-watching and corporate employment. He never had a career. Just employment. One job after the other, never quite fitting in anywhere, never believing in the company he worked for.

The manifesto was something he believed in completely. From now on, spouting off for a living would be his career in spite of those who did not like his message or its messenger.

Word was spreading. Crowds were growing with each passing week. Well into his tour, he was filling up those previously half-empty hotel conference rooms, even the occasional small concert venue, as he shared his plans to save the world.

He was feeling good about things by the time he made it to New Mexico. After a rough start, he was finally doing what he wanted, staying sober, and saying what needed to be said. Selling more books online, in stores, and in person now, he felt he was winning the war against those who would shut him up.


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