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About the Author

I was born the night after Halloween in Sacramento, California. According to legend, if it was just one day earlier, I could have "seen and talked to spirits." Instead, I only hear voices.

My first critical acclaim came in high school when my creative writing teacher -- Mrs. Pond, if I'm not mistaken -- praised my story's opening line: "The neighbor's yard looked like a three-day beard."

"You may never write anything good again," she said, "but that is a great opening line!" I was happy to hear this, of course, but focused on the eerily prescient "...may never write anything good again..."

After a decade in Los Angeles in my 20s -- trying to convince myself I was "cool" -- I have been calling middle Tennessee home now for almost half my life. I am married, with a daughter, and a continuous assortment of pets who live long, healthy lives, but never long enough.

I was joking about hearing voices, by the way. My humor is sometimes difficult to detect. The point of my stories often is, too, but they are inspired by my greatest fears and/or frustrations. Writing things down in a safely fictionalized way helps me to better understand myself and the world around me. Thank God for words! It's a sort of DIY exorcism.

My available titles are The Lazy Pug Cafe; Another Way: Beyond the Status Quo; Last Train Out; Operation Detour; Lottery President and Temporary Insanity.

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