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What was the inspiration for my stories?

Temporary Insanity

Just to show a slice of life in L.A. as my 20-something self. Drew upon experience with a certain cultish religion.

If I remember right, the "Cigarettes killed my wife" conversation between Benny and Cassie was the original scene of this story. [Random quotes, below:]

"So, you say you were drugged and kidnapped, but you don't know by whom. You don't know where they took you. And you were released, unharmed, somewhere in the hills above Hollywood. Is that what you're telling me?"

"Do you ever hang out on Hollywood Boulevard?"
"Not as a rule, no."

Lottery President

Wanted to state my political opinion and point of view. And what better way than to follow a candidate for president?

This one started right where the books starts. [Random quotes, below:]

"The main problem with this country is that it is run by politicians. They start out as lawyers, find that unfulfilling, and turn to politics. We need real people in positions of power, no more elites."

"Toby, my jackass brother, that's not a bad idea."

Operation Detour

To show what various 'intelligence' agencies, and bad people in general, do to the innocent. Put in a lot of humor to make it more palatable. Also wanted so see if I could write a thriller-type of novel.

This one started with "They're Out To Get Me," which ended up as chapter 2. [Random quotes, below:]

"I've been told a toilet flushes in the opposite direction in Australia. My life can go down the drain in the opposite direction!"

"You do that again, sunshine, and I will leave you dead on the floor."

Last Train Out

A speculation on what might go horribly wrong in the future with our daughter adopted from Russia. For me personally, this is a horror story.

It began with the actual adoption and descriptions of the hotel where we were staying. [Random quotes, below:]

"You know she's just playing you, right?"
"What does she have to gain by 'playing' me?"
"Money, favors, your wallet; whatever."

"We've been in town five minutes, and you've already got boys knocking on our door?"

Another Way

Another attempt at political opinion, but with real world solutions, as it follows Dobie doing just that on his speaking tour. A lot of humor here, too, but with some definite ugliness. Also threw in an alien presence because, whether they exist or not, there are forces and energies in our world that influence us, for good and ill.

The original scene that this book grew out of was The Blue Spoon Diner, which ended up being chapter 4. [Random quotes, below:]

"Either way, watch out for those that flatter and convince you you're better than everyone else. You're not. Don't get me wrong, we're all wonderful, but as the old saying goes, 'you are better than no one, and no one is better than you.' And, 'You are special... just like everyone else!"

"We are from beyond the Pleiades, in the eighth dimension...when we're not slumming it down here in the third and fourth dimensions."

The Lazy Pug Cafe

A silly, fantastical love letter to our dearly departed pugs.

This began as a plan for an actual business, but ended up as just a story. As short as it is, it took YEARS to finish before I forced myself to give it a plot. [Random quotes, below:]

"Batten down the hatches! A storm's a-brewing! I hope this place is built solid!"

"Where the Past meets the Future. In other words, the Present!"

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